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HERdiet pills are formulated to:

  1. Suppress your appetite
  2. Regulate your metabolism
  3. Burn fat
  4. Stimulate thyroid and hormone production


    Controlling the amount of food you eat is a major key to any weight loss program. Taking in thousands of unnecessary calories will slow your results and make losing weight seem near impossible. Ladies, we know eating less isn’t easy, people overeat on a daily basis. We like eating, eating feels good. Eating helps us cope with stress and sadness or we eat to celebrate and enjoy social situations. Controlling the amount of calories you put into your body is the absolute key to maintaining a healthy, attractive weight. Research has identified the part of the brain responsible for the signals coming from our stomach telling us when we need to eat or not, the hypothalamus. HERdiet has incorporated ingredients that bind the hypothalamic receptors and blocks the “hungry” signals from reaching the brain. This allows you to not over-eat and drastically curbs your cravings for food. Suppressing your appetite can also mentally free you from the guilt you feel after eating a meal you know you shouldn’t have.


    HERdiet does more than induces lipolysis and enables healthy hormone production, it literally puts your body into a state where it can quickly and effectively burn unwanted fat. HERdiet works on a cellular level, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and increasing norepinephrine levels. The SNS and norepinephrine heavily influence your metabolism and the amount of calories you burn at rest. As HERdiet stimulates the SNS and increases norepinephrine levels, your body enters a state called THERMOGENISIS, which allows you to burn fat all throughout the day by slightly increasing your body temperature. This process, while not only helping to begin the process of breaking down and burning fat, it actually uses your existing fat stores as fuel. Being in a thermogenic state even allows you to burn fat while you sleep, maximizing your weight loss results.


    The HERdiet fat loss formula uses a specifically engineered mix of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to block off and deactivate the Alpha-2 receptors allowing your body to fire up lipolysis and destroy fat cells in those problematic areas. With the Alpha-2 receptors blocked fat burning in your thighs, butt, and stomach begins almost immediately and you can see weight loss results in a matter of days. Diligent science and research has made it possible to fix problem areas on your body and HERdiet has perfected it. Ladies now that we have a good idea of how to get rid of that stubborn mid-section fat I’m sure you are wondering what else HERdiet does and how it works for you!


    HERdiet also stimulates thyroid production and promotes healthy thyroid activity. Your thyroid is responsible for certain hormones (T3 and T4) that help to regulate your metabolism and keep your body at a healthy weight. Many additives in modern-day foods inhibit thyroid function and therefore have a detrimental effect on your body. HERdiet increases production of vital weight loss hormones and helps kick-start not only your metabolism but also the lypolitic effect in your body.