About Us

For decades, women have grown more self-conscious about their figure and health.  Finding products that were designed and formulated with women in mind has been a struggle we all have endured.  Her Diet was founded on these principles hoping to satisfy the needs of women everywhere with a solution to dieting and health benefits through dietary supplements.

2 years ago, Her Diet began the journey of formulating supplements that would help women lose weight and feel better about themselves.  Who knew that this path would lead to swarms of women flocking to our products in droves like a "Buy 1 Get 3 Sale" on high-end fashion…

In the beginning-

We started out with the Her Diet pink capsules that everyone just adored. The concept was simple, eat less and burn more calories.  The formula the laboratory created was designed to help us in these 2 problem areas.

Adding products to the line 1 by 1, there are now 12 products ranging from weight loss, to hair and nail, larger breasts, to relaxation.  Each product even more impressive and satisfying than the last.  Customers have asked us to find a product to fill a need and we have delivered.

Fast forward-

Her Diet now serves thousands of customers a day and is looking at what other supplement needs can be addressed in the future.  Our company was founded for women by women and by putting women first in our model we know they will return to us often with the same satisfying results month after month and year after year.

We are grateful to our fan base and thousands of followers that spread the word each day.  It’s women like you that make us great and the future is nothing but bright for the Her Diet family!